spark* - A video podcast designed to help you become a better leader 3 minutes at a time.

Do you ever run into problems that you just can't solve? Whether it's a difficult relationship, a thorny business challenge, or a pesky habit you want to kick, you just can't seem to get a breakthrough. If you're like me, oftentimes what you need is a fresh perspective--a new way of framing the problem that suggests an alternative path forward.

This is the kind of solution that spark* provides. Each of these short videos (typically around 3 minutes) presents a single, powerful idea that can spark change in your life and your leadership if you apply it. To make these ideas as applicable as possible, spark* breaks them down into bite-sized pieces so you can implement them right away.


You probably don't need to read an entire book or take a class to break through the logjam you're in--you just need a new perspective that you can put into action today, and I want to help you do that through spark*. Because in the words of leader Craig Groeschel, "When the leader gets better, everybody wins."