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Are you frustrated because your organization is stuck in a rut?

  • Your business isn't growing?

  • Employees aren't taking ownership?

  • There's a lot of activity but no real progress?

If so, don’t waste another day or another dollar on canned trainings that don’t work. Take a personalized approach and get traction today.


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Why work with Dr. Josh Wymore?

As a leader, few things are more frustrating than being stuck in a rut. You’re working hard, but nothing’s working. After running into the same problem for the hundredth time, maybe you even wonder if you should just give up.

I've been there, and I hate that feeling. Seeing talented leaders lose motivation and throw in the towel motivates me because it doesn’t have to be this hard. You can do it, and I can help.

Through my research and consulting work with hundreds of Fortune 500 leaders, I’ve learned a lot about how leaders grow. By sharing these insights with you, I hope to save you years of being stuck with the same problems.

Our teams, families, and friends deserve the best version of us. I want to help you become that person. Let's start today with a free 15-minute consultation.

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Josh is skilled in asking engaging, guided questions to help people gain self awareness, purpose, and clarity within all areas of their lives….His skills in leadership and problem solving have helped me lead my clients and team through record growth in my company, providing impact on thousands of lives, and in turn, financial stability for my family.

Jasmin Niemiec
Business Coach + Network Marketing Professional

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I could tell Josh's class goals reached well beyond the seven-week class period--he wanted to help each of us recognize our potential and become great leaders.  Josh doesn't just teach good leadership skills--he lives by them as well.

Jennifer Dunn
Brembo North America

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Dr. Josh Wymore is a wealth of knowledge that is beyond his years as a leader. His attention to detail and desire to serve others is attractive to those he leads.  Every time I hear Dr. Wymore speak I learn something new.

Kurt A. David 
Speaker, Acclaimed Author, &
EMMY Award Winner

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I usually dread group activities. This was the BEST! I look forward to the next one!

CARE of Southeastern Michigan leader

Track record

Josh has spoken at or consulted with a variety of organizations.

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