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Dr. Josh Wymore

Investing in your leaders to grow your business.


Investing in your leaders


Attracting, retaining, and developing top talent

Engaging your employees to increase productivity, ownership, and problem-solving

Creating a culture of trust, creativity, and innovation

Developing a deep bench for succession planning

Building something bigger than a business

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Keynote Speaking



Leadership Coaching


Josh is skilled in asking engaging, guided questions to help people gain self awareness, purpose, and clarity within all areas of their lives….His skills in leadership and problem solving have helped me lead my clients and team through record growth in my company, providing impact on thousands of lives, and in turn, financial stability for my family.

Jasmin Niemiec
Business Coach + Network Marketing Professional

I could tell Josh's class goals reached well beyond the seven-week class period--he wanted to help each of us recognize our potential and become great leaders.  Josh doesn't just teach good leadership skills--he lives by them as well.

Jennifer Dunn
Brembo North America

Dr. Josh Wymore is a wealth of knowledge that is beyond his years as a leader. His attention to detail and desire to serve others is attractive to those he leads.  Every time I hear Dr. Wymore speak I learn something new.

Kurt A. David 
Speaker, Acclaimed Author, &
EMMY Award Winner

Dr. Wymore is very intelligent, personable, and articulate. I feel a genuine desire from him to convey a message to build your own culture of helping business professionals find their purpose.

Purpose Summit attendee


Rooted in values.

Driven by data.

Focused on action.

Dr. Josh's keynotes, trainings, and coaching conversations all have three common characteristics: they're rooted in values, driven by data, and focused on action.

Rooted in values. Josh believes that most of our leadership challenges are not solved by better management techniques, but by drawing on deeper values like trust, vulnerability, human connection, and most of all, purpose. Josh's work will push your organization to think more deeply about fundamental issues you're facing and get back to the basics of great leadership.

Driven by data. An investment into your leaders should be data-driven and should come with a measurable return on investment. Not only is Josh's content driven by research from business, psychology, education, and sociology, but he also works with organizations to track improvement on key metrics. Not only will your organization feel different after working with Josh, but your KPIs will improve as well. 

Focused on action. Many leadership talks are inspiring, but few lead to lasting change in our habits and practices. Josh's work emphasizes application so that participants leave with a plan for how to implement what they learn right away.

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