Dr. Josh Wymore


Josh is driven by his personal purpose to help people live and lead with purpose and clarity. He believes that better leadership is the solution to our world’s greatest challenges, and it is this purpose and belief that has led him to coach, train, and mentor leaders for more than a decade.

Josh’s passion for leadership development started during college at LeTourneau University. His experience leading leaders there prompted him to pursue a Master’s degree (at Taylor University, where he also met his wife) and a PhD at Penn State. He used his studies in education and business to build leadership development initiatives at Gordon College and Spring Arbor University before launching his own consulting business. He now brings his research, leadership, and teaching experience to leaders across the world as a speaker, facilitator, and certified leadership coach.

A few core ideas form the foundation of Josh’s leadership philosophy:

  • Purpose. Leaders and organizations are most effective when they understand their purpose and align all their decisions and resources to pursue it intentionally.

  • Strengths. When we understand our strengths and leverage them effectively, we do our best work (and enjoy it, too).

  • Mindset. Perhaps the greatest determinant of a leader's success is not their talent, but how they see themselves and the world.

  • Habits. If we want to change our trajectories, we need to change our habits.


Why does all this matter? Because better leadership is critical for solving our world’s greatest challenges.










​Fun facts. Dr. Josh Wymore…

  • …played six-man football in high school because his school was too small to field an 11-man team.

  • …was born in Waco, TX, the city made prominent by the show "Fixer Upper."

  • …is an avid Texas Longhorns football fan.

  • …grew up on a Christian campground.

  • ...is an amateur meat smoker.

  • …lives in Fort Wayne, IN, with his wife, Emily (Yost) Wymore & two kids.