Leadership Coaching


Too many leaders try to lead alone.

This is a shame, because we weren't made to function in isolation. Even in areas of life that are intensely personal, we each benefit from the thoughtful perspectives of others. As we each journey toward greater self-awareness and self-discipline in our leadership, we desperately need the encouragement, accountability, and insight of a community.

Josh has been coaching leaders for more than 15 years, and he brings a combination of wisdom, leadership experience, and research to each of his coaching conversations. Whether you are an established leader or an emerging one, Josh will serve as a sounding board and work with you to establish a growth plan to achieve what you want to achieve.


A coaching relationship with Josh can be structured or unstructured depending on the needs of the leader. For individuals looking for a guided path to personal and professional growth, Josh follows this process:

Step 1: Pre-Assessment (free). The coach and the leader identify initial problems they want to solve.

Step 2: Vision-casting. The coach and leader craft a vision for what the leader will accomplish in the short- and long-term.

Step 3: Assessment. The coach uses established assessment tools to identify the leader's strengths & weaknesses.

Step 4: Planning. The coach and leader develop a plan of daily and weekly disciplines to begin making progress toward that vision.

Step 5: Execution & Accountability. The coach and leader execute their pieces of the plan and meet regularly for encouragement, accountability, and to adjust the plan.

Step 6: Celebration. Once milestones are achieved, we celebrate!



Melissa Wittenmyer

Quality Manager

Josh's power of knowledge in his field allows him to provide expert advice to his audiences. His vast understanding of the subject gives him the adaptive ability to introduce insightful perspectives and feedback based on different situations. His genuine interest in the success of each individual makes him a reliable source for guidance and support. Highly energized and captivating, Josh delivers his message with contagious enthusiasm.

Joe Niemiec

Elite Distance Runner

I have had the opportunity to have Josh as a mentor in my life over the past two years. Throughout that time Josh has inspired me to live with purpose and has helped provide insight when I was working through some tough questions in both my career and personal life. Most recently he was able to provide clarity to my decision to move across the country to pursue an elite running dream while also balancing family life commitments and a career. He helped me discover and commit to my “why” even when the shift wasn’t exactly logical. Josh is smart, insightful, and very engaging and I’ve enjoyed the role he’s played in helping me and my family live life to the fullest! Time spent with Josh is always time we’ll spent!

James Haldane

Executive Pastor

We invited Josh to consult with us regarding vision development, casting, and implementation. Josh prompted us to consider our values, our strengths, and our weaknesses....I believe Josh’s consultation, support, and the way he led me helped our Lead Pastor come to these discoveries. I am a much better leader thanks in part to the regular meetings Josh and I had and it is not an overstatement to say our church is better thanks to Josh’s influence.

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