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1+1: How to focus + some fascinating research on humility

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Hey there! Here’s one leadership idea and one resource I’ve found beneficial this week:

1 idea: How to focus

"The person who focuses on one task and sees it through to completion—even if they work in a somewhat slow or outdated manner—beats the endless optimizer who jumps from tool to tool and always hopes a new piece of technology will help them finish what they start." - James Clear

I've been feeling the psychological drain of multitasking recently. As Clear says, the solution is deep work.

Some strategies that are working for me right now are:

  1. Before opening my email or phone for the day, I spend some time writing or solving a creative challenge. It feels good to move those priorities forward, and the creative flow adds back energy.

  2. When I do open up my email, I read one email at a time and fully resolve it before moving on. It's more tiring up front, but since the loop is fully closed, it takes up less cognitive bandwidth throughout the day.

  3. I leave my phone on Do not Disturb so I can find (and stay in) flow while working on demanding tasks. It means I miss a phone call every few days, but the focus is so worth it.

What works for you?

1 resource: Some fascinating research on humility

I’ve been doing a number of podcast interviews as a part of the Humbler Leadership book launch. Two of my favorites have been with Eric Brooker. In this first one, we discuss:

  1. The most interesting finding I uncovered in my research

  2. Why I wrote a book on humility

  3. What humbler leadership actually is

…and more. I hope you enjoy it!


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