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1+1: Valuing your time + how failure humbled me

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Hey there! Here’s one leadership idea and one resource I’ve found beneficial this week.

1 idea: Valuing your time

"The myth is that there isn't enough time. There is plenty of time. There isn't enough focus with the time you have. You win by directing your attention toward better things." - James Clear

How do you make this actionable?

My new favorite idea is from Elias Naatz. He suggested putting dollar signs by all your to-do items to indicate how much value those actions would generate for your organization. Start each day by going after the highest-value item first, and work down the list from there. At the end of the day, you'll still have things left undone, but you can rest easier knowing that it's the $10 or $20 dollar items, not the $1k+ ones.

Where are you spending your time? Is it on the high-value items or the low ones?

1 resource: How failure humbled me

I’ve known Dr. Jay Raines for more than 20 years, and two years ago we began working together coaching Chick-fil-A leaders through his company LeadersQ. Since then, I've had the chance to coach dozens of CFA Directors around the U.S. In this podcast, Jay and I discuss my journey into humbler leadership:

  1. A failure in my leadership that opened my eyes to my need for humility

  2. How the scientific understand of humility has evolved since Jim Collins' Good to Great

  3. How the Humility Paradox deepens our self-awareness and humility at the same time

…and more. I hope you enjoy it!


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